Who are we?

It all started back in December 2015, with a group of friends frustrated of watching TV and reading heartbreaking stories about the refugees situation without doing a thing. We wanted to act and as Gandhi said, be part of the change we wanted to see in the world.

With not much experience but a lot of motivation and hard work, we managed to raise over £5000 within a few weeks for our first trip to Dunkirk (France). From there on, we realised how much we could achieve together and decided to go to Dunkirk a second time and even go further by traveling all the way to Greece in March, to volunteer and help in Lesbos where much help was needed.

We continue to go to Dunkirk on a regular basis and are planning our next trip to Greece for August.

Our team believes in:

  • Transparency: after each of our actions/trips, we give a detail report of everything we buy with your donations. Transparency and trust are really important for us and we feel like we are accountable for the money which we are entrusted with.
  • 100% donation policy: we don’t use the donations for admin fees or travel expenses. Every penny is used solely for the refugees and we cover our travel and personal expenses ourselves.

Our actions will continue as long as the help is needed. None of this would have been feasible without your continuous support and trust. Thank you.