Lesbos, Greece


From March 19 to 28 we volunteered on Lesbos Island to help the refugees and support other charities already working there. Our duties included:

  1. Distribution of basic needs to the different camps of the Island.
  2. Visiting the refugees, listening and giving them mental support.
  3. Distributing toys to the children and playing with them (workshops, games…)
  4. Staying every night by the sea side to watch out for refugees boats and being ready to welcome them (Because of the weather conditions, only a few boats came in the first night).
  5. Offering our translation services to help the refugees seek asylum.

Items bought in Lesbos:

  • Ferry tickets for 12 refugees (Lesbos to Athens)
  • 84 pairs of shoes for men, women and kids
  • 100 pairs of socks for men, women and kids
  • 50 sets of women underwear
  • 100 packs of baby wipes
  • 15 hijab/scarves for women
  • baby milk powder (newborn to 3 years old)
  • 7344 liters of mineral water (around 14,000 bottles of 500ml)
  • 14 tents (56 people in total)
  • sandwiches for refugees waiting for the ferry at the Port
  • Life jackets for 35 babies/kids


Two of our team members delivered food to the kitchen of Idemoni camp:

  • 100kg of oranges
  • 64kg of rice
  • 10l of cooking oil
  • 72 tins of tomatoes
  • 192 tuna tins